Monday, October 29, 2007

"When Salt Lake City Calls"

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Can Americans Trust Mormons in Public Office?

Is the Mormon Church the Ultimate Lobbyist?

NAUVOO, IL — Today, Mitt Romney’s bid for the presidency has everybody asking the following questions: Can Americans trust Mormons in public office? Is the Mormon Church the ultimate lobbyist? Could a Mormon who holds a governmental position of authority be forced by their religious beliefs to make a decision contrary to all logic, reason, facts, or evidence? Do Mormons swear allegiance to their church, its prophets and apostles, their living oracles, and the priesthood power they hold? Author Rocky Hulse’s When Salt Lake City Calls: Is There a Conflict Between Mormonism and the Public Trust? answers these questions and more.

“Every year is an election year for public officials around the country,” says Hulse. “Every day appointments are made to fill important governmental positions of authority from the local to the federal level. Can we, the American public, feel confident that our elected or appointed government officials of the Mormon faith will act in the best interest of those they are elected or appointed to represent, or are they in bondage to fulfill the interest of their ‘church’ over the people they serve?”

Without inflammatory language or sensationalism, When Salt Lake City Calls logically and systematically details Mormon doctrines that clearly show the oaths and covenants required for membership in the Mormon Church, the Mormon Priesthood, and the completely secret oaths mandated in the Mormon Temple Ceremony. Hulse makes understandable the very complex doctrines of Mormonism and lays plain the key provisions of the faith that are in absolute opposition to the American ideal of free and unencumbered representation in the halls of government. A startling aspect of this thoroughly researched work is the Mormon doctrinal concept that on “Resurrection Morning” a Mormon will not only be judged by Jesus Christ, but also the Mormon leadership now living on earth. This puts a Mormon in a doctrinal vice. If a Mormon were to refuse “counsel” delivered by Mormon Leadership, it could very well cost them their status for eternity.

Hulse, a retired Navy veteran, is a 6th generation former mormon intimately familiar with the inner teachings and circles of Mormonism. When Salt Lake City Calls has been in print for three months and has yet to be challenged by the Mormon Church – the silence is deafening!

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New Book "When Salt Lake City Calls" by Rocky Hulse

New Book  "When Salt Lake City Calls" by Rocky Hulse
Is there a conflict between Mormonism and the public trust?

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